Summer Fun.

A couple weeks ago Timmy and I began to compile a list of summer fun activities we wanted to make a point to enjoy this summer. Here are some of the things we’re making a point to schedule into our dwindling weeks before the baby comes.

Visit Devil's Lake.
Have a peanut butter sandwich picnic.
Fly a kite.
Spend an afternoon exploring the Madison Zoo.
Go for a long walk in the rain.
Spend a night in a hotel.
Get dessert at Cafe Manna.
Wander around the Arboretum.
Go strawberry picking.
Visit a pet store to see the baby kittens.
Buy fruits and veggies at the Farmer's Market downtown.
Try the hummus at Bunky's Cafe.
Plant tomato and basil plants on our deck.

It's exciting to be counting
down to something so sweet...

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  1. I love our adventures together sweet heart!!! This has been the best time of my life so far!! I believe with ALL of my heart that it will continue to get better all of our lives seeing each others sweet face!! in to eternity...