Traveling While Pregnant.

Problem #1: My super cute one piece swimsuit no longer fits my expanding stomach.
Solution: My slightly scandalous tankini I bought while still in high school DOES fit me, in the loosest (tightest) sense of the word. I feel a little bare. (But since we’ll be traveling to a country where topless swimming is considered acceptable… my uncovered back and exposed belly probably won’t even get a second glance.) If I thought I would actually have more reasons to wear a suit this summer (aside from our trip, it’s doubtful), I would invest in one of these super cute maternity suits:




Problem #2: Greek water is sketchy.
Solution: I’m worried about buying water bottles with the labels written entirely in another language. Some bottled water isn’t even actually filtered, and I’ll have no way of knowing which is which. I don’t want to take a chance on getting sick from something nasty - especially, especially while pregnant. And so, meet the Bobble. This water bottle actually has a built in carbon filter and filters the water as you drink it. Genius!

(I tried to come up with more problems, but really, these are the only two major ones I’ve faced when planning for traveling pregnant. Everything else feels the same!)

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  1. For the swimsuit you did not mention that part of you having on that swimsuit will be that I will be circling around as fierce as a lion deflecting every glance! The Lord is jealous for His bride and so am I!!!