Twenty Two.

Baby Love is eleven inches long this week,
about the size of a butternut squash. 

When Tim saw our squash on the counter he exclaimed, “How did Baby Love go from a carrot to THIS in one week?!” I agree that the squash makes an impressive visual, but I assured him that our baby is a much different shape and the squash is really just showing the length. Although, at one pound, baby Love is definitely growing bigger. 

I am growing bigger, too. The roundness of my tummy seems to increase daily. All I want to eat is avocados, popcorn, avocados, smoothies, and more avocados. Before he met me, Timmy would have never even touched an avocado. Now we both eat at least one and a half per night. Yum, yum, yum!

The baby is starting to wiggle around more and more, and if I sit very still and stare at my stomach I can actually see little movements. The other night Timmy put his hand on my belly and was rewarded with a distinct push, an experience that he described as “electrifying”. 

He whispered to my belly button (which he considers to be the baby’s speaker system)
“We’re going to be a family, little darling.”  


  1. I'm glad that you have been recording this every week. Does it amaze you how much you have changed in only one week? Finally, a biggish baby bump! Yay!!

  2. look at that BUMP!!!

  3. Avocados are almost $1.50 here so we've cut back but we love them too. Mostly we eat it as guacamole, but we love it on sandwiches too. Perhaps in celebration of Cinco de Mayo we'll splurge :)

  4. Happy 22 weeks pregnant sweetheart!! This experience of having a baby keeps getting more and more wonderful! I will miss taking these pictures weekly, it has been fun!