My (Pregnant) Plate: Dessert

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve given up refined sugar. I do eat natural sugar from sources like honey, maple syrup, and agave nectar. (I definitely do not eat artificial sweeteners. Things like Splenda, Equal, and Sweet n’ Low are really just poison in disguise.) It is actually quite easy to make yummy sugar free treats since with most recipes you can substitute sugar for either honey or maple syrup. It is MUCH harder to find pre-made treats without any sugar. That is why I literally bounced for joy when I saw this:

Coconut milk ice cream! Not only is it diary free and soy free, but it is sweetened with agave nectar. No sugar! This is so rare and almost impossible to find. And the best part is that it tastes amazing - ask Timmy. He tried a spoonful at our parents' house and then immediately went out and bought four quarts of it. It comes in three flavors - vanilla bean, chocolate, and mint. My favorite is the vanilla. 
I have also found chocolate chips that are made with rice milk and sweetened with evaporated cane juice. Yummy. Our dessert of choice these days: Strawberry Chocolate Sundaes. (Even if you're not vegan, things like coconut ice cream are a healthier alternative to regular ice cream that is high in fat and sugar.

Vegan Strawberry Chocolate Sundae
3 scoops So Sweet vanilla ice cream
lots of fresh, organic strawberries
melted chocolate *name* chips

Combine ingredients in a pretty bowl. Enjoy!

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  1. I could not believe how good this was! I thought for sure that I would never find a healthy choice of ice cream. This seriously taste as good as regular ice cream, but is actually good for you!!!

    The most exciting part however was seeing my sweetheart, years of longing, found ice cream again!!