Boys in Pink Car Seats.

After much consideration, we have registered for a pink car seat. It’s the brand we want (Britax) with the features we like,
but it’s only available in one color.
I won’t get started on how I feel about EVERYTHING being so gender specific these days. There’s a gender neutral gray model available in the same brand, and it's similar, but it is also $40 more. For heaven's sake.

And so, pink it is. I feel a little sheepish, as I’m sure most people will assume that I secretly know the gender (I don’t) or, pink lover that I am, that I would heartlessly place a boy child in a pink flowered car seat (I wouldn’t).

Dear Baby Love,
If you are a boy, I’m sorry.
I promise to make you a blue car seat cover.
love, Mom


  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a baby boy in a pink and brown car seat. If that's what you have the budget for and it's a safe seat who cares! Baby love won't remember being in it. ;)

  2. i think all of this gender-specificness is hogwash anyway...when you kids were little you wore hand-me-downs and thrift store bargains....nobody worried about whether it was blue or pink...I say you made the right choice!!!!

  3. hahahaha!!! sweety! This post made me laugh pretty hard! Your the cutest girl ever! I am glad that you are so good with the money that God gives us!!

  4. Yep, there's nothing wrong with the color at all! It does look pretty good, but the point is that it's a nice color. In fact, a pink car is kinda cool. It's a unique color, and the right shade of it will make a car look rockin' on the road! You made the right choice -- better price, nice color.