Home, home, home.

Last night, after 10 days of travels, our plane landed at the Madison airport. It was 8:00 PM here but our bodies, used to a totally different time zone, thought it was 6:00 AM. We hadn't slept a wink since we left Stockholm 21 hours earlier, and after making a quick stop at Chipotle to get dinner (or breakfast, depending on how you look at it), we went home, showered, and collapsed into bed.

I honestly think that one of the best parts about vacations is the coming home part. All of the little lovely things I normally forget to appreciate suddenly become a source of complete happiness. 

Here are a few:

warm showers
soft towels
cold glasses of filtered water
my own bed and pillow
a quiet house
a kitchen full of food
my slippers
clean pajamas

I think I have said, "It's good to be home. Isn't it good to be home sweetie?" a hundred times since we arrived back at our house.

Babymoon 2011 was the best vacation of our lives, for real. But truly
it's good to be home.

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  1. Yayyyy!!! What a wonderful trip!! It truly was my favorite trip because of our love for each other! It was just so rich with love and a knowing of the beauty of our lives!!

    I adore you sweety!!!