Twenty Seven.

Baby Love is 14.5 inches long this week, 
about the size of a pineapple.

Baby Love’s movements have become more pronounced, graduating from little flutters to strong pushes. I love to stare at my belly, watching her little movements roll across my skin.

I have been much hotter than usual these days, thanks to my little built-in heater. For the first time in my life, I’m the “hot one” at meetings and events, fanning myself desperately with pieces of paper and books. I've been especially tired this week. So tired that these pictures almost didn't happen.

And I realize that this pineapple is a bit larger than 14.5 inches. But, when I saw it in the produce section, I immediately wanted to eat it, so... pineapple it is!

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  1. what are you wearing on your feet??