buzz buzz buzz.

My real job has been busy lately. I have been working on large spreadsheets and important documents that require a lot of highlighting. Boo. I've never been a huge fan of highlighting. Especially highlighting with yellow highlighters. (The least thrilling color, if you ask me!) Which, thanks to someone in my department who long ago accidentally ordered a lifetime supply of yellow highlighters... is all I have. Yellow.

But what if my yellow highlighter was magically transformed into a darling bumblebee?

Complete with a little stinger.


Bumblebee highlighters make highlighting fun.


  1. hahahahaha!!! You ARE the absolute CUTEST girl that has EVER graced the earth!!! I love you endlessly!!! "complete with a little stinger" hahaha! I love youuuuuu

  2. heehee! this is cute. i do a lot of highlighting at work. i'm going to think of bumblebees every time now!

  3. I just had to say again honey how marvelously wonderful you are! Also I am just impressed on a regular basis of how creative you are!