I took a web design class in college. My instructor was an interesting fellow who called himself "Jimi J" and had the most boring voice in existence. My friend and I spent most of our web design class doing other class' homework. I definitely passed the course, but I carried away zero knowledge. I did enough to get my A, and I was a happy girl. I kept my textbook... just in case... SOMEDAY I might want to create a website...

Well, someday happened sooner than I expected, silly me. I have spent a lot of time regretting my lack of attention in Web Design 101.

Apple Nutrition needs a website. Really. We've had so many people ask us if we have a website. It's always a little painful to have to answer, "Nooo...".

But I'm working on it. Still, it will for sure be a while before it's up and running.

In the meantime, I had an epiphany last night. Meet my epiphany:

Apple Nutrition has a "blog"! But I think it looks more like a website. Like the tabbed sections? It's a quick fix and will certainly do the job for now. We should start showing up on Google searches, and we finally have a website to direct our customers to! It took me about two hours to put together, and it's free. Hmm... who needs a website?!


  1. I am the first to post in your new blog!!!! I think that Apple Nutrition will be a huge sucess and I am proud of you both!!
    yer dad

  2. Way to go Becki!!


  3. Yayyyy. I just had a customer ask if we had a website and I was able to say YES SIR!!!! and gave it to him!!

    Good work my amazing honey!

  4. You constantly add beautiful wondrous things to my life. It would make sense that when you touch Apple Nutrition beautiful things would be created as well!!
    I love you babe!!!