Let's just take a breath and relax for a second.

Everything is going to be ok, you know. Yes, we had a crazy weekend, full of unexpected occurences (ones of an unpleasant nature), but we also had those happy times we were counting on. It didn't go the way we had so very much tried to plan, but sometimes it's ok to watch things fall apart.

Yes, the store was closed nearly all day on Saturday due to a medical emergency, but let's not care, ok? Because you're ok, and I'm ok, and the store is ok too. Years from now it will be hilarious, I am sure. All I wanted was to visit my family. But every minute of Saturday that we had planned was changed, until nothing was left but a chaotic, hot, sticky, stressful day. One that ended with both of us snuggled in our bed, which made everything good. Not great, but good - I had too many bug bites for great. (Bug bites that came from standing in the 95 degree sun for hours, taking hundreds of engagement photos while being surrounded by swarming – and apparently biting – bugs.)

And Sunday morning we woke up and tried again. We made the hour and a half drive out to my parents' house, the third time that weekend for me. And we enjoyed Sunday enough to make up for Crazy Saturday and then some. Because happiness happens at my parents' house, that's the simple truth. It is sweet and slow and relaxing, and full of laughter and yummy food. And we all like each other so much, we don't need to do anything but love being together. Oh, and have jumping contests between our boys. (We decided it was a tie. Can you believe how high these two can jump??)

And our Sunday ended with both of us snuggled in the same bed, pretending that we didn't have to go to work in the morning, and that made everything nearly perfect. And we talked about the busyness our coming week would bring; haircuts, anniversaries, 'real job' overload, freelance work, Apple Nutrition store orders and organizing and employee training... all before we leave for Arizona on Thursday.

After we talked about all that, we decided that being married is the best thing ever, took a deep breath, and relaxed (slept) until morning.


  1. Beautifully spoken my love!

    Yesterday was so great, I love going on adventures with you.

    I feel like Caleb might have beaten me, and until I am sure I want a rematch


  2. isn't it a bummer things don't go as planned? i'm glad you guys are ok - whatever happened! and this post again, like all others, is written so well. :)

    and i can empathize with the bug bites ... i had myself thinking we possibly had "bed bugs" (gross!) after the CONSTELLATIONS of bites on my body. but thankfully they're not. they're chigger bites and i think after the string of almost-swear words they heard from me, they've vacated from under my skin.

    anywho, happy anniversary! i hope you have a wonderful day/trip!

    p.s. the jumping photos are both a) awesome and b) perplexing. how are jumps that high even possible???

  3. Sweet sister...I've been staring at these photos' and chuckling in class. We have the dearest, funniest boys. And so bouncy! I can't believe that they can jump THAT high!
    I love these photo's....I want them! Add them to the engagement photo's CD!!! :)