I love that Timmy randomly decided - on his very own - to try vegan ice cream. And I love that, even though I didn't think I liked vegan ice cream, he made me try "the best drumstick" he's ever tasted. Even better than 'real' ice cream, or so he says. (*sneaky laugh* See! I told you I would turn him vegan!)
I love that I have conversations like this with him:

Timmy: Wouldn't you say that I'm just more tired in the mornings than you?
Me: Uhm... not necessarily.
Timmy: It's true! I have a higher amount of melatonin than you do.
Me: Right... melatonin.
Timmy: Babe! Come on, it's a natural hormone.
Me: Ok. So, you're having hormonal problems? *laugh*
But more than anything, I love that this morning he danced into the bedroom and gleefully proclaimed, "Happy 19 Months Engaged, Sweetest!".

I love that he keeps track. 

This is why I love Timmy.


  1. Cutest lovey!! I love you babe, you are too hilarious! Melatonin really is a hormone in the brain and I think I may have a more concentrated amount in the mornings. I'm just saying it may be more difficult for me to get out of bed for a reason. hahaha! Who am I kidding I just need a swift kick in the butt!!

    I love you my sweetest princess!

  2. "Ok. So, you're having hormonal problems? *laugh*"


    "I love that he keeps track."

    super sweet! :) i so enjoy your "conversation" posts! i think you should make a "mini" scrapbook out of them after you create a collection.

    btw, i would love to take a look at what you've been doing! we should be ready to look at submissions now!

  3. by that last part, i meant the scrapbook designs we've been talking about.

    and i would love to play w/ our cameras together too!