I love remembering memories just as much as I love making memories. We live moments and see wonders, and it is the memories that keep us enchanted for years and years.

(at the Louvre, June 26, 2009)

I love having years full of memories to share. I love that I can say to Timmy, "Remember two years ago today..." or "Last year at this time..."

How many countless joy-filled smiles and gleeful giggles have we shared while remembering? Remembering keeps a world of happiness within reach at all times. Like a passport I love to keep re-stamping. Like the pictures we wish we could slip back into.

(Ireland, July 1, 2009)

And I love to look back and see what it is we remember most. To find what, in the end, we chose to carry away from an experience. To dig deep and challenge our minds to remember more. To keep it all fresh and at the front of our consciousness.

To never let ourselves forget.

(Ireland, July 1, 2009)

Good things happen. Dreams come true.
Life is lived, whether we stop to remember it or not.

Last year at this time, I was a newlywed in Europe.
With a new ring on my finger and a new last name to grow into.

I always want to remember the world as I saw it,
last year at this time.

(Notre Dame, June 24, 2009)

Last year at this time my face had more smiles than it knew what to do with.
I was alive and in love. My world was perfect. Remember.

This year, at this time, my world is perfect.

(Ireland, July 2, 2009)

I won't forget.


  1. BABY!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! It is sooooo sweet. I love you. I love loving you. And I love that I love loving you! Life is so wonderful with you at my side. I adore you more today than yesterday EVERYday!! Your my most darling girl...and I will always remember!

  2. what a fun post! i love looking back and doing comparison "then and now's".

  3. Walking through the last 25 months with you babe has been my favorite part of my life so far! And the only thing I can think of more exciting than that is that I get to spend MORE months with you. What a dream. Your my dream come true!!!!