happily becki loves apple nutrition.

Happily Becki products are for sale at Apple Nutrition! (It really wasn't too hard to convince the owner that he needed a Happily Becki gift section...) Pretty cards, calendars, notebooks, and magnets are smiling brightly on shelves, just waiting for someone special to take them home!  

My mom is the other half of Happily Becki... What, you didn't know that? It's true. I'm the designer. She's the organizer, customer service rep, accountant, and everything in between. I make everything look pretty. She processes, assembles, and ships orders. (I'm pretty sure I got the better end of this deal.) This design business takes two, and we make a great team. (Plus we have a business savvy manager I like to call Husband.)

I get to do what I do best (designing, making things look pretty), and not do what I do poorly (organizing, details... math...) My mom is my best friend (note: this is a different kind of best friend than my best friend Timmy), and it's pretty fabulous to be in business with someone like her. She is undoubtedly the sweetest, most dependable person I know. Mom does everything amazingly. And she is my creative buddy. 

Which is why I am happy to announce that Happily Becki has brand new products for sale! Cute Cozies, Sweet and Snappy purses, Inside Outside Reversible Purses, and Petals and Pretties flower clips. They're not up on Etsy yet, so I guess you could call them an Apple Nutrition exclusive!

Let me just say, I love making packaging and labels for products.
Doesn't a cute tag just make everything look so much more magical?
I love it.


  1. oh my goodness! i can't wait to be a part of apple nutrition's pretty section! (: nice work becki! and i can't wait to see the new products on etsy!

  2. I absolutely MUST say that I adore all of the HappilyBecki product line! Its pretty funny listening to myself, because when a customer looks at the section I'll say things like "isnt the sweet and snappy purses beautiful" or "i just love the coffee cozies arnt they cute?". Than later I think wow I am sounding a little girly!

    Good work babe!! I am shocked how well the products have been selling!