lets wear matching outfits and fly to New York

Sometimes I like to be that matchy-matchy couple, wearing outfits that perfectly coordinate with one another. It's pretty silly, but I love it. And Timmy loves me enough to wear his mustard colored shirt just because it brings out the yellow flowers in my new twirly skirt. A twirly skirt I bought in anticipation of our anniversary trip to New York, New York!

New York City is a fabulous place to visit. (I will italicize, emphasize, and underline VISIT, because it most definitely would not be a fabulous place to live. Too much cement.) It is huge and intimidating, busy and bustling, constantly entertaining and truly captivating.

It is a beautiful thing to be young and in love. To be young and in love in New York City is pure magic. It is so effortlessly easy to slip into the bustle of NYC life, to sink down amidst the many many people, and to become completely alone and anonymous in a sea of millions. There was only me and only him and just us two.

Which is the way we like it best. In a new place where we knew no one, we held hands and wandered and explored. We rode a big red tour bus around town, drinking in the sights and getting terribly sunburned. The Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center Memorial, Ellis Island, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and Central Park. We quick stepped down streets and raced from place to place, determined to truly experience NYC. I loved it all, which is high praise coming from a girl who does not like big cities.

But, my favorite part of New York City was this handsome husband of mine.

It is funny how, now that I'm married, my excitement and enjoyment is greatly effected by Timmy's happiness. When his eyes are sparkling, mine are too. And when both our eyes are sparkling, the effect is true euphoria.

Sometimes when I'm with him, I feel as if I am on happiness overload, as if my little heart couldn't possibly contain one more ounce of happy. And then he calls me sweetheart and kisses my forehead, or sings me silly love songs loud enough for all of New York to hear, or buys me dairy free chocolate covered almonds, and my heart stretches and more happiness pours right in.

I love that we don't mind waiting in line for two hours to see the Statue of Liberty, that we had more than enough to talk and giggle about as we melted in the hot, hot sun, that we can't take enough kissy pictures of ourselves. And I love that, even though we were in New York City, surrounded by famous restaurants, when all I really wanted for dinner was Chipotle, Timmy didn't really mind.

After a long day of sightseeing, we rode the elevator back up to the 30th floor of our luxurious hotel, overlooking Central Park. Sunburns were soothed and outfits were changed. I wore my wedding shoes and jewelry and a dress I bought on our honeymoon in Ireland. Timmy wore his wedding shirt and shoes. And we kind of just gazed happily at each other in a moony lovestruck way. Saying things like, "Well, don't you look so handsome tonight, Mr. O'Brien." and "Mrs. O'Brien, let's go to the theater!"

The crowning event of the evening was going to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. The most glorious production I have ever seen. Only eight rows back, we had the perfect view. I have had every song stuck in my head ever since, and I'm in no hurry to get them out.

And when we left the theater, and I had a meltdown in Times Square at midnight, because I was completely certain one of those undesirable looking characters was planning to mug and murder us both, Timmy humored me and hailed a taxi as quickly as possible.

Sunday arrived bright and hot. And after three days of mile high skyscrapers, my eyes were craving tall trees and green grass. Our picnic in 102 degree weather in Central Park was somewhat of a bust, and the kites we brought were not flyable due to the lack of wind. (Timmy "flew" his anyway.) It's funny, even when we're covered in sweat, hot and sticky and unbearably uncomfortable, being together is all that matters.

I love Tim in the happiest times and in the unhappiest times. I love being married. I love being Timmy's wife.

 I am one happily one year married girl.


  1. YAY!!! nyc pics!!! thanks for giving a peek into your travels and anniversary - happy anniversary! i love reading your comments and seeing all of the great pics.

    your twirly skirt is DARLING (and the owl necklace too!)!

  2. Yayyyy! haha babe every time I think of NYC I laugh to myself cause it was just so amazing to BE with you. We get so busy with everything I sometimes feel like I dont see you for weeks.
    Baby I love you so dearly and am so glad that we are married. I love that we both give all we have to one another. In my mind you deserve all things! Your my wonderful girl. Happy 1 year baby love!!!

  3. love the silhouette photo (of course (: ).

  4. *sigh* This makes me overwhelmingly happy. Because I am about to get married. And it is just so nice to hear something positive about marriage and love and such.
    I love the two of you!

  5. New York was just so much fun babe. I just cant think of anything I like better than being blessed with an opportunity for it to be just you and me!! Your my favorite!!