It's a Grand Opening

Apple Nutrition is officially open!

In one week, we somehow managed to transform
that (picture on the left) into this (picture on the right).

Stocking shelves, entering barcodes into the computer, pricing products,
putting up posters and signs, cleaning, decorating, organizing...

we were busy little bees!

Family and friends joined to help, partnering with us as we stayed up past midnight every single night. Arriving early every morning to start again, all sleepy eyed and groggy.
Pulling 19 hour days.

In the end, as we sat in an emotional mess on the floor late last night, Caleb (Rynn's fiance) drove 2 hours to come to the rescue! He and Rynn hugged us close and sent us home at mignight. Those two lovelies stayed up until 3:30AM, finishing everything we didn't have the energy to tackle! We are so blessed with amazing family! Amazing moms, sweet sisters, fabulous daddys... without their help, we would still be knee deep in boxes.

The store looks amazing. (Doesn't it?!) I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted it to look and feel like, and it's exactly perfect. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of our products have gorgeously designed packaging, pretty labels, and brightly colored lids. Everything looks so lovely sitting on the shelves. I feel like a little butterfly, surrounded by happiness. (And I'm one proud little graphic designer... Oh, doesn't everything just look soooo pretty?!)

Our store feels happy and bright. 
God is so good, and He is just as excited as we are!

Come visit us! Pretty please!
We're pretty much giddy with excitement. 

6313 McKee Road, Fitchburg
(across from the Super Center Target on PD)

Store Hours
Saturday, 10-6
Monday - Friday, 10-7
Sunday, Closed


  1. congratulations you guys! it looks amazing!!!!

  2. :) Congrats!! I will have to come stop in some time!

  3. PS...that last happy thought was from Dana ;)

  4. I am very proud of you guys....and I KNOW that your store will not only be wildly successful, but give glory to our awesome Father as well!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Praise God honey! With the Lord on our team we totally conquered this launch. In a crazy way it was fun. The store looks more beautiful and inviting than I ever thought was possible!
    Thanks my perfect graphic designer!! When ever I look around in here I think of you.

  6. What a fun thing to celebrate hey baby??!! Could not have done it with out you. Were almost 2 weeks in and its already so fun to remember. I love remembering US!!!!