pirates love elephants.

My little nephew is having a pirate themed birthday party this weekend.
I love birthday parties,
and I love any excuse to play dress up.

But, seeing that I am 23 years old, and seeing that the dress up part is probably meant for the children, I have decided to only dress up just a *little* bit. Nothing too extreme. Because I am, you know, an adult now. Someday I'll have a little girl, and then I'll have a good excuse to dress up like a princess to go grocery shopping. But until then, I'm stuck coming up with "classy" pirate outfits.

Which isn't so bad, really, because this gives me an excuse to create cute things that could pass for pirate, and I'll wear again. And since Timmy has been too busy for our usual daily lunchtime phone dates (boo-hoo), I've been left to my own devices during my lunch hour. And I happen to work right next to a Hobby Lobby. Timmy doesn't usually let me go in there unsupervised.

I love Hobby Lobby. And I especially love their jewelry aisle. Hobby Lobby
always makes my creative dreams come true, and it's aisle of beads and
baubles and pretties never disappoint. I left with a purple and gold bandana,
gold chain, jump rings, clasps, purple beads, gold beads
and elephant beads.

Do pirates like elephants? I say yes.

(I won't admit how long I stood deliberating if pirates
and elephants go together. My conclusion was, they don't really.
But these little elephant beads were TOO CUTE to leave behind.)

My little elephant beads created the most adorable dangly bracelet and this perfectly piratey necklace. My purple bandana became a pretty flower hair clip. (I like to think all the lovely women pirates wore their bandanas this way.)

Hm. Looking back on my previously written paragraph, I realize the words
"adorable", "little", "pretty", and "lovely" are all words that
should not be used when describing truly piratey accessories.

Oh dear, I'm not very good at this 'pirate stuff', am I?

I may or may not look like a pirate on Saturday.
But I will at least have a super cute flower in my hair
and darling little elephants dancing around my wrist.

Now I just need to convince Timmy to wear the elephant necklace I made for HIM...


  1. I am always amazed at your creations. Pretty bracelet!

  2. heehee! maybe you could be a princess adorned with the jewels the pirates want to steal, and tim rescues you. and as a token of your gratitude, you give him an elephant piece too. :) that is way more likely. but maybe you won't tell your nephew that...

    i like the part about how you're usually not allowed to go into hobby lobby unsupervised! : )

  3. hahaha! Cutest girl. You are tooo darlingly amazingly wonderful. Your my cute little pirate/princess! Beautiful jewelery honey!!