wisdom teeth update

The swelling in my cheeks has gone down but
this morning I woke up to this:
Ok, let's be honest here,
does it make me look like I have a beard?
Or maybe it just makes me look tough?
Either way, tough or bearded, 
it's not a look I want to pull off.  


  1. Cutest lovie!! I love you!! Poor little sweet girl:( I think it brings out the prettyness of your BROWN eyes! Also really shows the intense glow of your gorgeous BROWN hair! I just really like your brown features! And I even like how pretty you are with big bruises on your face!!!

  2. oh no, becki! i hope it wasn't any of the food we ate last night that caused it to flair up? ouch!!

  3. :) I think it was from all the smiling and giggling.

  4. Aww, that doesn't look pleasant! At least the swelling has gone down, no? It's best to hope that your recovery from this did not last too long -- waiting to recover can be such a bummer!