Dear Pinklepurr,
I am very sorry that I just now realized Pet Vitamins existed. Please forgive me if your kitty eyesight suffers because of my negligence in giving you daily dosings of Vitamin D.
love, Becki

Did you know Pet Vitamins existed? I mean like, actual brands of pet vitamins?

I did not, until Timmy informed me that Apple Nutrition will be carrying a line of pet vitamins.

I scoffed at the idea of feeding vitamins to pets (How do you feed vitamins to pets?), until I realized what Vitamin D can do for pet's eyes. Then I was a believer, and I knew some pet vitamin shelf talkers were in serious order.

And they make me laugh. Apple Critters. Get it? It sounds like Apple Fritters. (Umm... don't ask me why that is funny, since nobody (hopefully!) eats pets, and there is no real reason to connect pets and pastries. But... it's funny!)


  1. I don't think I'll be investing a lot of money in Buzz or Pinklepurr....they to get themselves more vitamin M (mouse)

  2. hahaha! Dad your hilarious!!

  3. Baby this blog is to cute! I love how your beautiful minds thinks! I love your blog, your ideas, and YOU!!!

  4. heehee! :)

    your shelf-talkers are so eye-catching! they're going to make browsing the store so easy and informative and eye-pleasing!

    i especially like the strip of text with pet talk at the bottom. clever, clever!

  5. I am really excited about your next blog post!! I think it may be an all time new favorite! Just a feeling!!!