pure beauty shelf talkers.

Apple Nutrition is going to have a magical beauty section.
And Timmy negotiated with the vendors, to pretty much
get me a lifetime supply of free makeup.
Which is good.
Because after I researched all the icky ingredients
found in typical beauty products...
I've been suspiciously staring at all my 
old makeup. Parabens, huh? ...


  1. Your pretty incredible honey! I love how you take knowledge and not only retain it wonderfully, but you apply what you learn. You are a work of art, a beauty without blemish, and my sweet darling wife!
    I am in love with you my princess!!!

  2. "I've been suspiciously staring at all my old makeup." - this sentence made me smile. i can just picture you looking at it your make-up, reluctant to put it on. that's great that tim was able to hook you up w/ some free product - score!

    and these beauty shelf talkers are lovely - again, i think the store will be so customer-friendly!