meet Renee.

Renee is a fabulous floral designer located in Madison. Her ability to weave flowers together into a perfect blend of petals and stems leaves me in awe. Her website is here, and her work is gorgeous.

Be sure to check out her "Friends" section! (Thanks Renee! Seeing my name on your website makes my heart skip a beat!)

I met Renee at the Business Launch Party Laura (remember meeting Laura in this interview? She has a great special going on right now - check out her website!) and I had in March. She is the kind of person I especially love to meet, bursting with creativity and simply delightful to talk to! Guess what? You can meet her, too! Right now... 

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I just turned 29 and have been in the Madison area for almost two years now. My first floral job was at LaCrosse Floral in LaCrosse, WI in 2003. I then worked at Spring Green Floral in Marshfield, WI. From there I finished a floral design certificate with Penn Foster University and attended a Wedding Design School in Seattle, Washington at the Floral Design Institute in 2008. 

Besides creating things, what do you do?
Well, next to designing floral arrangements, you can usually find me at Cool Beans Coffee Cafe. It is a great full time job. So flowers, coffee, and also a love of traveling are my three top things to do.

What inspires you?
The beauty of flowers is what inspires me most in this field. Since I was young, I have always had a passion for picking flowers and admiring their beauty. That's where it all started!

Tell us about your business:
My business involves meeting with clients and discussing the vision the bride has for her flowers. I have a variety of books and photos to look at in helping design a look and feel for the arrangements. This is included in the consultation along with a price quote. The wedding is then book with any necessary follow up appointments. With this business, I am always look to give the bride and groom the best deal possible with great quality. I am extremely picky about the quality of flowers and in having everything live up to the expectations of the couple. My pricing includes a complimentary toss bouquet and free local delivery.

What is a little known interesting fact about yourself?
I once walked from LaCrosse, WI to Winona, MN carrying a cross to raise money for Angel Tree Prison Fellowship. It was a random inspiration I had while in Dallas, TX on a road trip with friends that I saw a man along the highway carrying a cross on his back. A year later I made the 31 mile walk, praying every mile for the people who had donated money. It was a great accomplishment... and a really heavy cross. :)

Favorite Color?
Brown! I love the color!

In 10 years where would you like to be?
Arranging flowers full time. By then I hope to be more established and even more educated than I already am in this business.

If I'm interested in your products/services, what is the best way to contact you?
Leave a message at 608-572-0174, email renee@madisonweddingflowers.com, or request information at http://www.madisonweddingflowers.com/

I would be happy to answer any questions!

I love the colors in this arrangement. And see the seashells in the bottom of the vase? Magical! If you're ever in need of beautiful flowers, give Renee a call.


  1. Wow Renee seems really talented! We will have to keep our ears open if anyone is ever looking for flowers!!
    Really well done post Becki! I love how you arranged the flow of the post. You happen to be the most cutest darlingest girl in the world!!

  2. Aww thanks for the info about Renee - she's such a sweetie!

    Do you have an e-mail address? Or you probably do. I LOVE the flower headbands you make. You should put some on your etsy or I'd pay you to make me one. Or 20. :)

  3. i LOVE renee!! and notice how SHE likes brown, too!

  4. Thanks Nicole! I am actually working on getting some headbands made to sell. Which one did you like best?