big sister photoshoot

My big sister is having a baby boy!  

My big sister, Liz, is a genius, and quite possibly the smartest person I know. She graduated as the valedictorian of her private college, has her Masters Degree in psychology, is gorgeous, and married a good looking teacher.  

 I think this means that my nephew will be incredibly smart, emotionally balanced, well behaved, an advanced learner, and the cutest kiddo on the planet. Lucky baby, he’s getting born into a pretty fabulous family. 

Timmy and I went to visit the proud parents-to-be on Sunday, and I took some cute cute pregnant pictures of my beautiful big sister (and her beautiful big belly!).  

We were shooting in the bright afternoon sun and I kept having to make Liz move so that I could catch the spot for the proper lighting. Eventually she got tired of this game, so I had Timmy test out the lighting for me…



  1. love these becki! especially #'s 1, 4 & 7.

  2. You did such a good job honey!! Your the most amazing girl. I had really alot of fun that day, especially when I got to pretend to be Liz!!

    I like life with you!

  3. Becki! What great pics!!! So nice she has someone in the family to do that!!! Being an aunt is the best, you are going to love it!