When you're married to the cutest boy…
(for fourteen months and two days)

it is possible to pretend


that the Lake of Michigan

is the Pacific Ocean

and the sandy Bradford Beach of Milwaukee

is the gorgeous North Shore of Oahu.

And since it was possible to pretend such things…

We went to Hawaii yesterday.


  1. the juggling photo is such a timmy face. (: and i like your "new" dress!

  2. It is possible to pretend that I am married to the most sought after princess in all the earth...

    It is possible to pretend that when she speaks the flowers grow more delicatly and the sun shines more brightly...

    ...but what is the inexpressible joy and absolute thankfulness when I do not need to pretend and God has given this girl to me?!

    I like pretending with you lovie, but I love the reality of "us" even more!!