our life in a nutshell: free time

If you were to peek into our lives, analyze how we spend our free time,
and make a pie chart of the results, it would look something like this:

After looking at how our life is divided,  
I would say that our priorities are mostly in the right place.
We go on adventures (big and small ones)
we dream exciting dreams (and make them come true)
we snuggle (a lot)
and our second favorite place to be is with family (and friends).

 Goals for the Future:
Move "watching movies" to the bottom of the list. 
Replace "eating out" with "cooking together". 
Boost "exercise" a little higher up.  

I love my life.


  1. I like analyzing our life! Than we can see what we are doing well and what we want to tweak. I love everything about our lives together and I am glad that there is no place for "fighting" on this list. I just have so much fun with you babe!!

  2. I concur with the cooking. But of course I am biased. It's something you two can do together and have fun doing. :)

  3. how technical is this? i want to know how i spend my time! is there a formula for this? lol.