Mystery Solved.

It was three days later that Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien invited a certain young man by the name of Caleb Jacobson over to dine at Twinflower Drive. (Caleb, you will recall, is the younger sister’s betrothed.) During dinner, the matter of the musical cup came up in conversation. At which, Caleb began to laugh uncontrollably and confessed that this object had, in fact, entered their home by his own hands. All was forgiven, as Caleb is a fine gentleman and dearly beloved by the O’Briens.
The next day, this letter from the younger sister (who was out of the country) arrived in the morning post: Darling Sister, I just read about your adventure, and laughed wildly. I was so baffled while reading it, racking my brain to think of something that could be making a musical noise, just thinking of the whole scenario. And you refusing to go to bed until it was found! I just hooted when I discovered it was the musical coffee mug Caleb and I found at Goodwill. If it makes you feel any better, sweet love, it went off while I was packing in my room, and it truly terrified me as well! But, it was much easier for us to solve, as it was only several feet away from me. Caleb has giggled himself sick over the entire manner. With love, your affectionate sister Rynn.
It must be said, that Becki raised her eyebrows at Rynn “hooting”. But you do understand that Rynn is of a much wilder nature, prone to excitement and dramatic expressions. (This is much to be expected, as she frequently travels to far away countries, like Japan, where she is currently staying.)


  1. Hahaha...yes, I truly did hoot with laughter. :) I'm glad that you solved your mystery without losing any more sleep, and glad that you so happily forgave Caleb and I our terrible oversight of coffee mug placement. *giggle*

    I love you dearly,
    your affectionate sister,

  2. how mirthful!!! dad

  3. hahaha! I love you honey your so cute. I love how you tell stories that we experience together.

    As your protecting husband I was determined to find what it was. I also must admit it was so adorable to see all the "dangerous" thoughts you came up with to as what it could be. I love protecting you against life threatening coffee cups!!