(meet Pinklepurr's neice, Frodo)

I asked Timmy to take me to Pet Smart the other night. Because I wanted to look at the baby kitties. And I left wanting a small mouse, a chirping finch, a teeny blue fish, and a baby kitten. Timmy said no, and I tried my hardest to negotiate a deal. I said I'd forget about wanting a mouse, a finch, a fish, and a kitten if he would just let me have Pinklepurr back.

Pinklepurr's fur, Timmy says, makes him sneeze and wheeze.

In that case, I said, we could shave her.

Or make her live in the basement.

Or... or...

Or, Timmy says, we could just let her live happily at Mom and Dad's house.

If I agree to that, I said, then you owe me a Chipotle dinner.

And it was a deal.

Sorry Pinklepurr.

(But don't feel too sorry. I lived at Mom and Dad's house for 18+ years, and it's a pretty fabulous place to be.)


  1. Great picture!! We have some fluffy black kitties and a couple other cute ones. :) Hope all is well!


  2. What a great picture Becki! I'm sure you miss Pinklepurr, but I bet she is quite happy with your parents. Just a thought....I have a naked kitty that has no fur and the breed doesn't bother many people with cat allergies :) (he is quite ugly, but in a very cute way!)