A Wedding Invitation Suite for the Princess

With colors fit for royalty,

ornate filigree,

sweet old fashioned wording

and romantic touches…

A suite fit for a princess. 

More specifically, my pretty little princess with starry eyes. The princess who will be wearing her grandmother's wedding gown as she marries her true love under a tall sweeping oak tree. The princess who told me with great excitement "These invitations are exactly perfect."

(Oh, and just you wait until you see how this all goes together! Feathers, sealing wax, and beautiful slate grey envelopes will be involved…)

**dates, times, and directions have been changed


  1. BEA!!! the wedding is THIS year...not NEXT year

  2. Beautiful honey. These invites are perfect. You will have to take pictures of the final product because its ingenious! I just get so excited by you. "A wife of noble character is her husband's crown"Prov 12:4. Your my crown lovey girl!!!

  3. They are utterly lovely. Quite perfect. My starry eyes say so. *smiles* Thank you ever so much for making these for Caleb and I!! We love them. And you.

    p.s. Good catch, Daddy....I didn't notice the 2011!!

  4. beautiful! while i only "met" rynn & spoke with her briefly - this seems to capture her (or at least my impression of her) wonderfully - and they ARE fit for a princess. :) i like the banners too - they add to the royalty theme in a perfect and subtle way.

  5. **Public service announcement**

    If all the general public would please read the last statement Becki made. That the "dates and times have been CHANGED" on purpose.
    It has been hilarious how many have been concerned that the dates were wrong!

    Becki is the most amazing girl!!!

    **End of public service announcement**