christmas presents - cozies

Hot drinks just taste better when your fingers have pretty cup cozies to keep them warm and happy.

I have one amazing mom in law and three pretty sisters who love tasty hot drinks from Starbuck's. And so, for their Christmas gifts, I made them some fabric cup cozies. Now when they drink their Starbuck's, they can match their outfits, make a statement, sport their colors, love the environment... and remember how much I love them. Perfect.

They turned out so fun, it almost makes me want to start drinking coffee so I can use them too! And they are really rather simple to make. I say rather because they are time consuming, but not hard. I made all 12 of these in one day, with the help of my fabulous mom. The hardest part was creating the pattern and figuring out how to make them insulate fingers without being too thick and bulky.

I think there are countless ways I could switch things up to embellish these. Ribbons? Hook and eye closures? Iron-on transfers? Any creative thoughts?


  1. Well my dearest dear I think that I need a stage or presentation sign so that I can sell these at the smoothie bar!! I really like these and seeing my families expression when opening these I am sure they would be a hit world wide! I am so in love with you!

  2. well, aren't you clever?! i want one! :) LOL.

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  4. these cozies have made my day since I've received them Becki!!!! I love them sooo much and look forward to tasty yummy warm drinks even more now! I felt very fashionable sipping my starbucks today when I whipped out my matching one of a kind cozie! My friends adored them and you nailed it Becki, they insulate without being bulky! I can get dressed, slip a matching cozie in my purse and go go go!!!! xoxo <3 you are my sweet sister and i love you!

  5. I have astonished yet another of my friends with your amazzzzzing cozies!!!! :)
    She thought you had sewn fabric over the starbucks knock off cozies but I informed her you made your own pattern and everything!
    Go Becki Go!!! your amazing designs bring everyone amazement! :)