christmas presents - jumbled cards

Timmy and I made all of our Christmas presents this year. We did not step into the mall craziness even once.

Of course, I could not show any Christmas present pictures before Christmas, because then you would all know what you were getting! Ahh, but it has been so hard not to show the beautiful treasures I have made for you all! Each present is full of love, love, and more love.

I can show these jumbled cards though because, in the end, I loved them too much to give them away, and have decided to keep them for myself. :) (Sorry Lizzy, you're getting something even better instead.)

I love typography, and I love asterisks. And I am currently in love with celery green and pumpkin orange.


  1. Melissa O'BrienDecember 23, 2009 at 6:09 PM

    WOW!!!!! Becki those are phenomenal! And I am quite the card connosieur*! :) Love love love you!

  2. these are gorgeous, becki! i love how the sentiments are cut around the typography!

  3. your cards are so much fun & pretty! That's so cool that you made all your presents - that was my goal, but I get distracted, maybe next year!

  4. Cool cards! Just found your blog :)

  5. My honey you are the most amazing treasure!! I love how God has gifted you to bless others. These cards are so cool and colorful. When ever I see other cards now i say to myself wow these cards need Becki's help! Your beautifully perfectly lovely!!