joy to me and you.

When you're married to a graphic designer, your life is a creative adventure...

Because she snaps pictures of you at all sorts of inconvenient times and refuses to delete the embarrassing ones. Because she sometimes becomes glued to her computer and you have to literally drag her away from her designing. Because she is always making something new and your house is full of little artsy projects. Because she is much better at making food look good than making food taste good. Because she does things, to your horror, like take perfectly good doors off their hinges and then replaces them with curtains that "just look prettier." Because she hangs glittery stars from the ceiling of your living room. Because she insists on decorating your kitchen cupboards with piles of pretty plates that don't match and are impossible to stack... but you put up with them because you know each unique plate makes her smile. Because she is always finding "the perfect shot" and makes you wait and wait while she takes picture after picture... Because she writes you love messages on the insides of your undershirts. Because she goes a little crazy around Christmas time, making Christmas presents, Christmas decorations... Christmas cards...

Because she drags you to a graveyard to take Christmas card pictures. Because she pokes and prods and poses you. Because she asks "why can't you stand straighter" and "dont you know how to bend at the waist" and gets a little bit bossy. Because you patiently pose and smile even though, no, you don't know how to pose like a "J".
Because you made this year's Christmas card the best one yet. Because you fill her heart with joy and she likes to tell the world just how wonderful you are.

(PS If you didn't get Christmas card from us, it's just because we don't have your address.)


  1. Hahahaha!!!! Babe you are so wonderful! You are so fun to be with. I adore all your designish things. I am always amazed with how you see the world and when I am with you I get to see that world to! You see a world full of butterflies,fairies, and magical things. Where most see it as dark...honey you light up my world!

  2. Yay Becki! You have such an eye for design and bringing out unseen beauty all around you! It's pretty magical to see all the things you invent and create each and everyday! I love it and wouldn't have it anyother way! :)

    P.S. I love the stars that hang in the living room and definitely prefer sparkley curtains to doors with hinges!!! heeheehee LOVE YOU!

  3. this is beeeeautiful!

    (p.s. becki, i don't know if you remember me..but my husband Chris and I were in the same couples group earlier in the year w/ mad city? so glad to have stumbled on your blog - i'm going to school for graphic design and i love seeing what you do!) - Jamie

  4. oh! i just saw that you had posted to MY blog - thanks for the sweet comments. maybe you do remember me then. :)

  5. Baby I believe with all of my heart that you are the most delicate and beautiful of all the Lords creations. After reading this I am filled with so much love for you babe. You are my best friend and greatest gift on this earth! Your are the most gifted, giving, loving, thoughtful+ing, taking care of me+ing, happy+ing girl that has EVER graced this earth!!!!