christmas presents - rynn's secret book

My little sister, Rynn, is beautiful and mysterious. She loves locks and keys and hidden compartments and secrets. And because she is so interestingly curious and imaginative, she has lots of good secrets worth keeping.

For her Christmas present, I made her a Secret Book. A little book that has a hidden compartment for hiding treasures. Full of secrets and just sitting on your bookshelf - but nobody would know it! Because secrets are so much more exciting when they are hidden in plain sight.

Secret books are most successful when they are purposely made to look positively boring. Find an old book that is so perfectly uninteresting that it can quietly sit on your shelf for years and years, without anyone ever wishing to notice it's shabby little spine. Because if someone did pick it up, it would ruin your secret hiding place. No good.

The great thing about secret books is that they are very easy to make and the results are guaranteed to be thrilling. After a little gluing and lot of cutting (Timmy did most of the cutting) a perfectly secretive secret book, one that made my Rynn's eyes light up in the sneakiest way, was created.

Happy Christmas, little love. Thanks for always sharing your best secrets with me. xoxo


  1. this is magical. and you write beautifully!

  2. Babe you are a delight to all the earth! I believe that know one can talk to you, hear you, or even be by you and not be impacted in a warm wonderful way!
    I liked the line most about "Because secrets are so much more exciting when they are hidden in plain sight." Your to perfect my love!!