then and now.

December 13, 2008

December 13, 2009
When you're married to the most darling boy, life is like a fairytale...

Because he holds your hand wherever you go, and he never stops telling you how beautiful you are (even when you're not especially). Because he gives you piggy back rides when your feet get tired. Because he never-ever-never complains when you ask him, every single night, to get you a glass of water after he's already snuggled in bed. Because he prays for you every day. Because he always makes you a smoothie for breakfast and because he always does the dishes. Because he takes you fun places like Europe and Hawaii and Disney World. Because he knows how much you hate shopping and always does it for you. Because he gives you lots of kisses and they taste very good. Because he knows you better than anyone else and always gives the best surprises. Because he calls you his princess. Because he makes you laugh like no one else can. Because he is so handsome and his smile still gives you butterflies. Because he sings sweet songs in your ear when you're scared, and because he writes you romantic love letters. Because he loves being with you and tells you so. Because sometimes you can't believe how beautiful life has become, how blessed you are to have him.

Because he is your best friend and you love him more than you ever dreamed possible.


  1. Thanks my love!! You make me feel like a conquering hero. I love you like the sunrise. I look more and more forward to the rest of our lives together. Taking care of you and having you take care of me!

    Also I gotta tell you folks Becki is the most amazing girl! Everything she does,she does for the glory of God. She is the kindest, sweetest, prettiest girl in the world. She takes care of me 10 times more than you will ever know. I love Becki O'Brien

  2. I am delighted dear Bea that you have found such a man!

  3. Becki you are so wonderful! I think we could definitely write a paragraph or two about all your sweet amazing gifts and quirks! :) Like how you make yummy treats for the whole household! mmmmmm

  4. Becki is the most beautiful amazing valuable girl in the whole wide world. Baby I LOVE being married to you!!!

  5. I just had to make one more comment on this blog! This last 6 months have been the best of my life hands down honey, there's no contest! God has blessed me so abundantly with you. I have never been more overflowing with love for you than I am right now. I feel like I could write a book of my thanksgivings for you!! I love you forever.