Dear Mom,

I lit candles in the living room the other night. Lots and lots of them. As I was lighting them, I told Timmy how you never ever let me have candles when I was growing up. He couldn't believe that and wondered why. I said I had no idea. I thought perhaps you had a traumatic experience with candles as a child.

And then, while I was happily putting out Christmas decorations, I dropped a tag into one of my candles. And it started on fire. Timmy had to put it out.

And then, as I was intently situating holly berries on the mantle, I tipped three candles over onto myself, all at once. I burned my tummy, ruined my shirt, and got wax all over the mantle and the hearth and the carpet. As I was sniffling in the bathroom, putting ice on my burns and apologizing for making such a huge waxy mess, Timmy hugged me close.

"I think I know why your mom never let you have candles." he said.

I have a very wise mother. Thank you.


P.S. Timmy is in charge of our candles from now on.


  1. hahahaha!!!! It was pretty hilarious, except for my poor poor honey getting burned. Also I think its over all a good idea to not allow our future children to have candles! I love love love you my honey bunny!!!

  2. Yes, I started my bed on fire burning incense in a glass ashtray. I knew that grandma and grandpa would be mad at me so I put another blanket over the two with big holes in them. It was a very long time before they noticed. They weren't mad as much as shocked at how close we came to burning down the house. Also, Aunt Bev started their first house on fire burning candles. She thought they were out and went to bed. One wasn't and cracked the glass thing it was in. It was a new house and they hadn't installed their smoke detectors yet but one of them went off in the closet in the upstairs hall. It saved their lives! So....what kind of crazy mother would I have been to let my kids have matches and candles in their rooms? Now that you are older and wiser you understand. How like life that is!