Bibs for Baby Love.

Baby bibs are as easy to make as:

1. Trace a store-bought bib onto heavy paper to create your own pattern. Using the pattern, cut out two pieces of fabric, one in waterproof PUL and one in any 100% cotton print. 

2. Sew around the perimeter of the fabric, wrong sides together, using a simple straight stitch. Pin and sew on double-fold binding to finish the edges.

3. Add a snap to the top of the bib to complete it. (You could also use velcro.)

My favorite part, as always, is how quick, easy, and cheap this project is. I used scraps of PUL fabric (leftover from a different project I've been working on) for the back and leftover scrap fabric for the pretty fronts. I think you could definitely use cotton for the front and terry cloth for the backing, rather than using PUL. (You can find PUL fabric at Jo-Ann's.)

Adorable. I have two more almost done and many more ideas in my head!


  1. What a great idea! You might want to also try adding ties rather than snaps on some of them. Once they get older they tend to like ripping them off...frequently. ;-)
    ~Heidi S

  2. Your mother has been working on diaper covers to keep in the house for baby visits...seems to have rekindled some old nesting instincts!

  3. These are so cool!! Once again I am so thankful for you as my wife!! I think you have probably saved us thousands of dollars by your brilliance!!!

    You are my glorious girl!!!!

  4. great idea of Baby Bibs , you can save money if sew baby stuff, also it can enhance ya skills...
    Good luck...