Happiness Happened This Week…

 (cute wooden baby toys)

The car seat I have been stalking at Target went on sale today for $100! It is normally $159.99. We snatched that deal up within ten minutes of me texting Timmy with an opening line of “Oh my goodness!”
Rynn and Caleb came over for our weekly dinner date. After we all admitted that none of us felt like actually cooking, we high-tailed it to Chipotle for a leisurely supper of burritos and chips. As we enjoyed their company and they talked of missions trips to foreign countries, I was reminded afresh of how special this time is. We may not always live in the same city, and I like having our little lovebirds nearby.

Tim and I both got off work early one day to go to a midwife appointment. Hearing Baby Love’s heartbeat always puts a smile on my face, and getting Tim to myself for the whole afternoon and evening put an extra bounce in my step. We opted to go to the Budget Cinema for a matinee viewing of “Jane Eyre” – a movie Timmy agreed to without really thinking about what he was getting himself into. The result was a bored husband pretending to make out with me and whispering hilarious comments during all the most serious parts. Meaning we were cracking up while everyone else was wiping away tears. I think we looked like ridiculous high-schoolers on a date and for some reason, that was fun.

My friend loaned me several big bags of maternity clothes. Getting dressed in the morning feels like Christmas, I have so many cute new things to wear. Also, I have duly noted that actual maternity clothes are probably worth the expense, as it’s much easier to breathe now…

We visited Barnes and Noble with the intention of buying a book. As we moseyed past the toy section however, I squealed. I had no idea that B&N carried my favorite line of baby toys, HABA. They’re wooden, all natural, and European (and that makes everything seem more glamorous, no?) and THE CUTEST TOYS EVER. They are simple and gorgeously painted and honestly, even I would be entertained for hours with some of them.
In conclusion, we left B&N with two unexpected treasures.
Our mailbox was stolen last week, but it has now been replaced with a shiny new model.
Tim also gussied up our post with a fresh coat of paint. We now have the prettiest mailbox on the block, thanks to my handy husband. (Our new mailbox also appears to be a little more spider-proof, so getting the mail no longer involves cautiously poking my hand in and shaking if off each piece as soon as I pick it up.)

Jamie has been doing a cute series of outfit posts this week, and her amazing style has me taking notes and pre-planning post-pregnancy outfits. Daily blog posting from Jamie is definitely a reason to smile. 

I don’t eat eggs and I don’t typically like touching them. But, organic, free-range brown-speckled chicken eggs nestled in a recycled egg carton – those little guys make me happy happy happy. Timmy says they don’t taste too different, but I’m convinced they add some special magic to a dinner of scrambled eggs on English muffins.  

There’s a new Winne the Pooh movie out this weekend, and I want to see it.
Does anyone else have a sweet spot in their heart when it comes to that silly old bear?

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  1. This post makes me happy! And thanks for the sweet mention. Um, LOVE the song they use in the preview of the new Winnie the Pooh movie. I hope you get to see it!