Pinklepurr Still Needs a Home.

Blog Readers, I'm still desperately trying to find a home for Pinklepurr. I absolutely cannot and will not take her to the humane society, so finding her a new family is of utmost importance. Please, please, please! If you know of ANYONE who might be interested in adopting a kitty, let me know as soon as possible.
Tim and I have been putting up flyers and sending out mass texts and emails. It's a kitty campaign, and we are hoping and praying that a new home can be found for my sweet Pinklepurr.


  1. I WISH, WISH, WISH I could have a kitty right now. Especially because I have met Pink and I LOVE that cat. But, sadly we are moving into a no cats apartment. and I also promised Matt no cats for at least one year of marriage. I will ask around though.

  2. How would Pinklepurr do as an outside farm cat?


  3. There will be a great rejoicing when we fing pink a home!!! I am praying honey!!

  4. Becki, I'm going to my parent's house tomorrow for dinner. I'll ask them. We thought about taking in another cat, but that fell through. I'll let you know.

  5. Thanks everyone! Let me know if you hear anything.

    Dana, Pink doesn't have any claws, so I'm not sure she would do very well on a farm. :) But thanks for thinking of it!!