Cloth Diapers Made by Me.

I like cloth diapers.
I like them for a number of reasons, some of them being:

*They're good for the environment.
*They don't have any icky chemicals.
*They save money.

Timmy and I have always planned on using cloth diapers for our babies. When we got pregnant, I started really researching cloth diapering and realized that there are MANY options, and it got a little overwhelming. Luckily, my Mom used cloth diapers for my sisters and I, and she had a lot of advice on what to use. After talking to her and a couple other cloth diapering moms - including my older sister - I made the decision to use prefolds and then buy diaper covers. Covers are the waterproof part.  

However, the really nice, really cute covers cost anywhere from $16-$20 EACH. And when you figure you need approximately 8-10 covers in all sizes (newborn, small, medium, large), that adds up to a lot of money. It almost feels like you're not actually saving any money, which is part of the idea of cloth diapering in the first place! 

But a friend pointed out to me... cloth diaper covers can be made. SOMEONE obviously makes them, so why not me? I then found a pattern online and was further convinced that this was a good idea. So I recruited Mom's help, bought some PUL waterproof fabric for the insides, elastic binding, and strong velcro, and dug through my fabric stash to find scraps big enough for the cotton outside of the diapers. 

The cloth diaper covers were surprisingly easy to make. Both Mom and I were a little nervous about sewing on PUL fabric, especially because you can't use pins since that would poke holes in the waterproof part, thus making them no longer waterproof. But paper clips easily replaced the pins, and the elastic binding was a cinch to sew on, too! We made and completed 8 before running out of elastic binding, and we have 12 more almost done. The approximate cost per cover is just about $3, saving us lots of money!!

I never would have thought I could get so excited about diapers. Seriously... I have become a mom! But I'm literally bursting with glee when it comes to my cute, cute covers! Baby O'Brien will have the cutest little bum in town. 


  1. You. amaze. me. Oh my goodness! Love it! And love "Baby O'Brien will have the cutest little bum in town..." You are such a create and proud mama!

  2. Cutest. Most adorable girl!! Its so exciting to be your husband, I never know what to expect from you!!

    Our future looks pretty beautiful!!

  3. These are beautiful and amazing. Prefolds with wraps were my favorite option, too, after trying all the options out there. (: Like I said, I have a box of wraps/prefolds/pocket diapers in the basement not being used if you'd like to borrow any of them. Or any other baby stuff at all. xo