Thirty Three.

Baby Love was about 17 inches long last week
and weighs over four pounds,
kind of like a large purple cabbage.

Last week was just one of those weeks. I should have done a lot of things, but I didn’t. It was too hot. Instead of cleaning the kitchen I read baby books. Rather than folding the laundry, I sewed baby burp cloths. While I should have been making dinner, I rearranged the nursery three times and then, in the end, put everything back where it had been originally. I wasted two fresh tomatoes in an attempt to make homemade ketchup, only to taste it and toss it out. I drank Izze’s with a straw and I watched out the window for the UPS man to bring me boxes of online ordered baby treasures. I spent hours resting in bed (Tim came home from work twice to find me sleeping – oops!), just feeling the baby kick, kick, kick… and daydreaming about our future as a family of three.  

I purposely rearranged our schedules to accommodate our 33 week belly shoot, but the photos remained untouched on my camera for days. I’m already on to 34 weeks and am finally posting them, because my 33rd week was really just one of those weeks. Nothing accomplished but all the silly little things that make life the sweetest.  

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  1. Sweetest!! Sometimes I just get exuberantly excited about to the point where I just want to leave the store find you and hug you until midnight!! You are the sweetest most adorable girl I have EVER met!! I love EVERYTHING about you sweety!!!