Two Bits of Fun News:

#1: Timmy found and bought me non-toxic, all-natural nail polish in a pretty shade of purple. I haven’t painted my nails in years, after learning about the toxicity of regular polish.
(The brand is called Piggy Paint and it looks just like regular nail polish. Only this stuff doesn’t have the ability to kill you with its harmful ingredients.)

#2: I can still reach my toes.
(Timmy did offer to paint my toesies for me, if I couldn’t manage to get past my ballooning belly. I almost let him, because I think lots of giggles would have resulted from his attempt.)


  1. Ben tried once to paint my toes when I was pregnant with O. It was disastrous. Good thing you can still reach those toes. (:

    I also must ask where he found it cuz I want some!

  2. haha!! I could not believe that regular nail polish literally will melt through a styrofoam plate! Good ol Nikki's diapers!

    I though you looked very pretty with your nails all done up! However your excited smile was even prettier!!!