A Conversation: About Healthy Medicine

Timmy: *mixing some strange concoction*
Now I want you to drink this
because it's really good for you.
But just don't look at it, ok?

Me: ... whyyy? *looks at cup*

Timmy: Oh babe, I told you not to look at it! 
It tastes good, I promise!

(He always says that. And that usually means it tastes awful. In this particular case, he wanted me to drink a cupful of "healthy bacteria" mixed with cranberry juice. I threw up.)


  1. Sick! I think I would have rather eaten dirt and gotten some bacteria from that. The lumps...they kill me!

    Although I'm very sorry that you puked, this post made me laugh. :)

  2. I wouldn't have drunk something that looked like that!!!That Timmy!!!

  3. I felt so bad!! My darling the things I put you through!! It is pretty gross isnt it?!

  4. I was shocked that you threw up. I think I learned my lesson on that one! It just adds to the list!!
    1.Do not try and add any supplements to Becki's smoothies(this includes while at Jamba Juice)
    2.No pills that will make her tummy hurt with no food.
    3.No specialty formulated liquids or powders under any circumstance.
    4.It can not smell bad.
    5.The pills can not taste bad.
    6.And no probiotics ("healthy bacteria")via clumps!!

    I love you darling!!!