Two Months.

Rosemary celebrated her 8-week birthday by sleeping for ten and a half hours. 

We attempted to get a nice family photo yesterday afternoon, but little Rose wasn't digging the chilly outside air and her feelings are clearly reflected in the photoshoot results. 

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in her little mind. I feel like in these pictures she's thinking "HELP! Do you see what I have to put up with here?! They put a HAT ON MY HEAD!"

(Sadly, she still hates hats and headbands.)

And finally, the best photo of the day. 

A two month snapshot of what life looks like right now. And really, it's a pretty good picture of it. Imperfect, crazy, and completely unorganized. But beautiful and happy - very happy.


  1. hahaha! I love how every time you blog now about our family it makes me laugh so hard. Remembering the hilarious moments where Rosemary did something adorable!!

    Thanks for being such an amazing YOU!!!!

  2. Becki, motherhood totally becomes you! You are glowing! And I love the series of outtakes. Rosemary is a sweetie (even if she is an upset sweetie) in that hat!