Birth Announcements.

These are the birth announcements that were never sent. 

I have determined that it's really unrealistic to expect a new mom to design, print, assemble, and address birth announcements right after having a baby. With a new baby, who has time for that?

I did get as far as printing them, but stalled out on the assembly part (cutting them out) and now that Rose is almost two months old, birth announcements just seem like really old news.

So we'll just hang a copy in her nursery, 
give one to Grandma,
put one in her baby book,
and that will be that.


  1. I think they are beautiful Becki. I can't wait to hang one up on my family wall. You are right that all of that is a bit much to expect during that crazy first month!!

  2. I am just happy that everyone gets to see your incredible artistic abilities!!!

    You are beautiful sweetheart!!!!

  3. Awww, so cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Ours went out about three months after they were born. (Unfortunately P never got one as life is just too busy. :( ) I say you can still send them. (: