One Month.

It's sweet to be one month old at the beginning of October. 

Because life is so beautiful at Autumn's start. Leaves on fire-colored trees make contrasting shapes against the bright blue sky. Crisp air and cool breezes enjoyed outside mean soft pajamas and fireside snuggles are enjoyed inside. The sunlight feels warmer as it filters in through bright windows, and little feet are cozied up inside warm socks. Knit hats and knit legwarmers, fluffy blankets, the smell of apple cider and cinnamon, and the brightness of orange pumpkins. 

Smiles are coaxed out of an ever-increasingly alert little one month old face. Small feet kick, kick, kicking. Sweet gurgles and coos fill the house with such happy sounds. Our family of three, all nestled together in a month that brings birthdays and leaf piles and apple picking. 

One month old in October. 


  1. Seeing these pictures of our family makes me burst with excitement that this life of mine is really real!! I have never been more joy filled!!

    Praise God for His wonderful ways!

  2. Rosemary is precious, and you all look so incredibly happy. What a wonderful time!

  3. Your family is beautiful!!

  4. I love that you are snuggling in and getting to know what life is like as a family of three in the fall season - sounds perfect! Rosemary is so blessed to have you two as parents - love is just surrounding her in these photos. :)

    p.s. I did a double-take - you look so much like Rynn in your first photo!