Rosemary knows her grandparents, and she loves them. A lot. Because they are present and freely giving in the love they lavish on this little life. Their house is familiar and cozy and full of things just for her - a crib with pink blankets, a basket full of pretty outfits, and soft knit socks.

 Grandpa holds her close and sings her sweet and silly songs while telling her stories of when I was a little girl. He whispers to her of all the things he will teach her and tells her truthfully that he is pretty good at loving little girls (he had three of his own, you know). I know exactly what she feels as she is cradled in his arms, because I have felt it all my life, and it's a really, really good feeling.

Grandma snuggles her in a way that only Grandma can. Rosemary grins huge, happy smiles at a face she has seen since the day she was born. Grandma's well-known voice and soft shushes bring comfort to little cries and Grandma's arms are one of her favorite places to snooze. There are few things more beautiful than seeing my little girl gaze with eyes of love at my mom. These two are going to be best friends, I can tell already.

It's impossible to accurately describe the amount of love surrounding our lives.

Rosemary knows her grandparents, and she loves them.
Because they make it a point to never be too busy
to be there (here) with her.

(Rosemary was not happy during this photo shoot. The expressions on her face crack me up.
Especially the one of Mom and I holding her.)


  1. Thanks for your outstanding tribute, Bea...and thanks for giving us such a beautiful grandbaby!!

  2. Well said sweetheart!!

    and Thanks Mom and Dad for being there for us in everyway you know how!! And you do it freely with out asking for anything in return. Its wonderful to be in the family!!!

  3. Funny photos Sweet Bea! She certainly wasn't happy that day. You three are so easy to love lavishly. Thanks for all the love you give in return. Lots and lots of special memories to fill our hearts!!