Ten Little Things.

(ten little toes)

1. Our sweet girl has grown out of her newborn clothes and her weight is up to 10 pounds, 3 ounces. Last night during her bath we counted six chunky little rolls on her adorable thighs. Her chubby cheeks are completely irresistible and she gets hundreds of kisses planted on them every day.

2. Rose's first smile was for her Daddy. (No surprise there.) She's been smiling non-stop since then. It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever, and it melts our hearts every single time.

 (Rose smiling at herself in her very distorted mirror.)

3. Rosemary is in love with mirrors. She happily stares at herself, giggles, coos, and smiles at her reflection.

4. We've been doing Baby Wise and absolutely love it. Rosemary is so happy and having a (flexible) schedule for our days is such a blessing.

5. Rosemary slept for eight hours last night, woke up to eat, and then slept three more hours. We can put her in her crib, wide awake, and she'll talk herself to sleep.

6. We found the sweetest lullaby CD, Hidden in My Heart. It's basically Scripture put to music, and I love to have God's words washing over her as she sleeps.

7. We're already thinking about Rosemary's first vacation and have begun to tentatively plan it…

8. I totally love being a stay at home mom. My days are so happy. I have been soaking up baby time, cooking yummy meals, and enjoying fun art projects.

9. Rosemary has already become one of my favorite people. She's so fun to be around. I miss her when she's napping and waking her up is one of my favorite things. Sleepy baby nuzzles are so indescribably precious.

10. Our first date away from Rose will be next Sunday. Timmy pre-planned a babysitter (Mom and Dad, of course) and is whisking me away on a surprise adventure. He is the best at surprises.


  1. Mom and I are looking forward to having little Rosemary over for a play date!! Do you think she will want to go fishing??

  2. What a great blog post!!! There is nothing more exciting than turning on my computer at work to read stories about my favorite girls!!!

    I love you so much sweetheart! And I still am more excited about you as my wife than having the most beautiful baby girl!!