"Girly" Boy Sweater


I recently found a navy blue baby sweater on clearance. It was obviously a boys sweater, but it was only $3, and I bought it with hopes of figuring out a way to girly it up. 

Which brings me to the "infant" headband I ordered online at Target clearance for $1.20. It arrived and was almost big enough to fit MY head. Since then I have realized that Rose wouldn't have worn it, even if it had fit her. So this very pretty but very useless headband has been sitting out for weeks, waiting for me to feel inspired and find a use for it. 

This morning I was inspired. 

Navy blue sweater. Headband with navy blue stripes. Perfect.

I cut the headband to size, pinned it on the sweater, and sewed along the seam.

It took me about ten minutes and totally transformed sweet Rose's little blue sweater. 


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  1. hahaha!!! What a cutie!!

    Well done sweetheart! Your soo resourceful and brilliant sweetheart!