a conversation: about the color brown

Me: I think we should paint the bathroom brown and cream.
Brown would really enhance the teal in our towels.

Timmy: Umm. Does brown enhance anything?
It's the color of poop.

Me: ... My eyes are brown. And my hair. 

Timmy: I love the color brown!

 (Guess what we did this weekend...?)


  1. Missy O'BrienMay 24, 2010 at 10:05 PM

    HAHAHAHAHA This post made me actually laugh out loud. That is too funny :) From this picture I'd say that Becki's eye once again had a stroke of creative genius. You have such a talent for interior decorating Becki Bea!!! I love you and Timmy and can't wait to see your lovely budoir/chambre and salle de bain.

  2. heeehee! i like that chocolately-goodness of a color!

  3. I am undone when ever I gaze in to your beautiful brown eyes!! The majesty of your soft glowing shining brown hair takes me away to a floating type of place!!

    Needless to say I put my foot in my mouth!!! Browns my new favorite color!!!

  4. Hahahahaha...I can picture exactly this conversation. I attest to the prettiness of this bathroom! All in one day too...Hurray my valiant sister!