Me: Babe, do you realize that I have two jobs?

Timmy: Well, if you count your "real job", happilyBecki,
and your Apple Nutrition design work,
you actually have three.

Me: Yes. Three jobs and a life.

I'm busy.

...and so, I give you cute cute kittens:

a screenshot of my current project (one of many...):

and, for your entertainment, a movie starring Timmy:
(sometimes, while at my "real job", I get little lovey video texts like this.)


  1. I love sending you things through out the day baby!! Its a way that we can be closer together when were far away.
    Your such a hard worker honey! I don't know if I know anyone who is more energized and motivated to accomplish all that God has for you!!
    Also...those are some cute kittens, but I think your the cutest!!!

  2. Life can be hard, and lots of work. Isn't God amazing for picking such a loving husband and best friend for you to share it with. Work doesn't seem as hard when you are following His lead for your life. I am so proud of you my beautiful daughter!

  3. Missy O'BrienMay 25, 2010 at 12:45 AM

    Becki, that video of Timmy is hilarious and simultaneously adorable. I love video messages!!! Especially from you and Timmy!!! Those are simply the bestest!!! Those kittens are oh so cute! I love kittens :) The little kitty noises you and timmy made at kalindi's graduation were absolutely precious!!! You're a busy princess but God made you equipped with the multitasking skills to do so. You're amazing!!!

  4. I love the background of the video!!