If there aren't words to describe this, let's not try. 
Let us just embrace this nameless feeling, 
this thought that transcends love  
and has become something infinitely sweeter.  

It is unattainable. No one else has ever felt exactly in this way it is of our own making.  
Your heart and mine, creating a story that can never be written, only felt.

How long has it been since you became mine? Since we spoke our vows into the expanse of eternity, grabbed hands and jumped into this unknown, unending euphoria? Since you and I began.

How long has it been? 
Forever and eleven months.
(eleven months. picnic in the cemetery – is that creepy?)
("memories" were floating in the air. timmy caught me some.)


  1. you two should be cartoon characters.

    and i would totally read that cartoon.

    kind of like the cute couple in "up", but w/o the sad parting of ways. :D

  2. Yayy!! Baby that was so much fun celebrating our 11 months! Its just sooo special that the Lord brought us together. The beautiful reality NEVER gets old, in fact I am more excited today about marrying you than ever before!!! Your my perfect dream, my dancing song, and my gorgeous princess...I love you forever, happy 11 months my sweetheart.

  3. I am so proud of you both, The love and devotion you show and share are inspiring, Cute pictures :)

  4. I have literally looked at this post everyday since you have put it up. Yet I have waited until now to comment because I wanted to have an ample amount of time to formulate my thoughts :) Although the cemetery adds a somewhat eery undertone to the magical celebration, it is still darling as ever. The floating memories in the air resembles the light as air romance your love exudes. I am so blessed to observe you two and the enchanting relationship that has been "forever and eleven months" :) Love you both so much! xoxo