How to Make Organza Flowers

 I am not good at being sick. I get frustrated by my inability to do things, 
 and watching movies all day is incredibly boring.  
By yesterday afternoon, I was desperate to accomplish something.  
Something creative.

So, with a handful of organza, a candle, and a lighter, 
I announced to Timmy that I was going upstairs to light some fabric on fire. 
'Why is that?' he asked. 

'To make some flowers.'

And when I triumphantly descended three hours later,
Timmy woke up from his nap to a wife with chubby cheeks
and a perfectly ruffled flower in her messy hair.

candle, organza scraps, needle, thread, beads
Step One: Find your ingredients.

Step Two: Cut the organza into "petals". These don't have to be super perfect, just nice flowing, circular flowery shapes. I found that it's best to avoid points or sharp angles, and to keep the lines curvy and smooth. Depending on how full you want your flower, cut about 3-5 petals in varying sizes.

Step Three: Light your candle. Hold the organza over the flame, moving it quickly over the edges. Don't put it IN the flame, but about two inches above it. The organza will ripple and curl. Keep going until all your petals have been curled.

Step Four: Layer the petals and add lace, tulle, and other fabric amidst the layers.
Step Five: With your needle and thread, sew all the layers together. Sew beads into the center.

Step Six: Add to clips, bobby pins, and headbands. 
This may become an obsession.


  1. Wow babe!! All of my days I have longed to know how to make organza flowers!! I have just thought of all the ways I could ware such a flower!
    I love all the pictures and the way you have explained it. I really like how they look on your gorgeous head. Your my organza flower!!!

  2. wow! thanks for the tutorial! i might have to make one of these (or two or seventeen...)

  3. i thought you weren't allowed to have candles...