to hug a kangaroo.

While we were in Australia, I just really, especially,
very much wanted to...

pet a koala bear...
catch a glimpse of the world's deadliest snake... 

see a huge crocodile...

observe a poisonous spider - without getting bitten... (eek! I was hoping to see it outside, not our hotel room...)

say hello to a dingo... (did you know they can't bark?) 

hear a kookaburra laugh...

to hug a kangaroo.


  1. haha!! Cutest lovey! You got to do all those things baby love! Isnt that so fun? I think that was my favorite memory watching how very excited you were when you pet the kangaroo. My favorite joy is when I see you light up so happy like. Your just my favorite girl through and through!!!

  2. Missy O'BrienMay 10, 2010 at 4:27 PM

    Oh my!!! How fun!!! :D I want to go to this fun place!!! The spider is scary though! Was that in your hotel room???? :/
    My favorite is the kangaroo!!! I am very jealous!!! i miss you both!

  3. Can I come on a vacation with you too next time :)